Custom Orders

If you have a specific issue, illness or concern that you would like to address, then we may be able to create a Custom Order for you. Custom Orders are availble in the following sizes; 10ml Rollerball blend, 50ml Spray Bottle, 100ml Spray Bottle or 100ml Dropper Bottle.


Some examples of the Custom Orders available in Blends and Dropper Bottles include the following: Jet Lag Blend, Bedtime Blend, Menopause Blend, No Endo, Peaceful Child, Focus Potion, Motion Sickness, Protect, UA Thyroid Blend, OA Thyroid Blend, Massage or Body Oil, Growing Pains, Muscle Pain, Nerve Pain, PCOS, Fertility, All The Ladies, Clear Skin, Puffy Eyes, Mastitis Blend, Anti Anger Blend, Hug, Adrenal Support, Happy Me, Chill, Motivate, Ezcema Blend and Queen.


Custom Orders are also available in spray versions in either the large 100ml size or the travel/purse sized 50ml size. Some examples of Custom Sprays include the following: Throat Spray, No Nits Spray, Cool Down, Healthy Hair, Bug Off Spray, Germs Away and Asthma Relief.


If you have ordered a custom blend or spray before and simply want to re-order that product, then select the rollerball, dropper bottle or spray size that you want and add in the description of the blend i.e. Peaceful Child 10ml rollerball, Throat Spray etc into the comments section at checkout.


If you have not placed a Custom Order before and would like some guidance and information in order to select the right product for you, please email us at

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