Mummas & Birth

We have a range of products to support your birth, post partum and breastfeeding journey. All of our Mumma and Birth products are handcrafted with only the best high grade essential oils and either fractionated coconut oil or distilled water.

There are different products in the Labour, Birth and Post Parum range created to assist you and your body to bring baby earth side naturally and safely. Some of these products are specially designed to offer the best in Post Partum support and healing, assisting you to adjust to motherhood.  The crystal sprays Calm and Energy can also be used Post Partum to help support mood and emotions.

If you choose to breastfeed, then the products in the Mummas Blend range are just perfect for you. One to heal and soothe skin, another to boost milk quality and quantity and one final product to heal and support your tender ta tas.

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